Trans4mation week

First Industry 4.0 Forum in
Eastern Europe

november 2020
Trans4mation is a forum
for business owners,
CEOs and department
managers. The participants
will get immersed in the factory
atmosphere for effective experience sharing.
This year we are going to show you the impact Industry 4.0
technologies have on Ukrainian businesses. Top managers from leading companies
will take you on virtual tours around their production facilities and reveal how
Industry 4.0 solutions solve real tasks.
Top managers show Industry 4.0 case studies after implementing the technologies at their enterprises.
One day – one Ukrainian company case.
Get a taste of real-life production for maximum experience sharing.
Discussion and questions to speakers.
During the week, leading Ukrainian companies will be sharing their experience in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies right at there industrial facilities and immersing the participants in the production atmosphere. Learn about the experience of Ukrainian industry leaders.


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First Industry 4.0 Forum in Eastern Europe
Event for CEOs and department managers. We show the effect of implementing Industry 4.0 on case studies from leading companies.